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Protect, Enhance & Transform

To preserve, or enhance, the look of your vehicle, our brake caliper painting service presents a cost-effective solution. We provide a range of colours for painted calipers and can even offer decals and other options to achieve your desired finish.

 Our calipers undergo thorough rubbing down, utilising a specialised paint that you will not get from any store-bought or DIY alternatives. This ensures a flawlessly even, glossy, and resilient paint finish, which means your calipers maintain their freshness for a very long time! 

                             Our Car Caliper Painting Process

If you wish to have your brake calipers painted, there are four primary stages to our service. Though this does not cover absolutely everything, it provide an outline of our process:

  1. Cleaning – Our team takes a thorough approach by completely removing all existing paint on the calipers, guaranteeing a pristine surface for the application of new paint. In addition to this the calipers are cleaned extensively, removing any grit before the painting phase.

  2. Priming – A primer paint is applied to the caliper, in order to provide greater adhesion for the new paint.

  3. Painting – A blend of high-temperature paint and a durable clear coat layer guarantees an impeccable glossy finish.

  4. Future-Proofing – Looking for paint for your brakes that carry a long-term guarantee? Look no further than The Bodyshop!


We can paint your calipers in any colour you wish.  We stock Red, cadbury purple,
Blue, Yellow, Black and Silver and more, y
ou can pre-order your desired colour in advance prior to booking.



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