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Protect, Enhance

& Transform

Protect your calipers from rust and corrosion.

Make them look brand and give them a brand new look!

Get your brake calipers/brake drums professionally painted to obtain that ULTIMATE SPORTS or LUXURY finish to your car.

We have worked on a number of cars, from PRESTIGE CARS to SUPERCARS and we use only top quality heat paint on all vehicles. Our work is done to a very high standard.

We work on the same day turn around, so all you have to do is choose your preferred colour, book your car in and we’ll do the rest.


We offer a professional mobile brake caliper and drum painting service.
We can paint your calipers in any colour you wish.  We stock Red, cadbury purple,
Blue, Yellow, Black and Silver.  You can pre-order your desired colour in advance prior to booking.

Every caliper is always sanded down to remove any old paint, rust or corrosion before applying high quality heat resistant paint. If requested we can also print decals to match the brand of  your vehicle. 


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