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Kit Includes:

-Snow foam 1 litre bottle

-Cherry burst car shampoo 500ml

-Clear vision glass cleaner 500ml

-Clean all general purpose cleaner 500ml

-Dress it tyre dressing 500ml

-Dirty wheels non acidic alloy wheel cleaner 500ml

-Detailing brush

-Tyre applicator

-2 microfibre cloths

-Wash mitt

-2 spray adapters


Snow Storm Supreme is a premium PH neutral snow foam that generates a dense, clingy foam. It is ideal for pre-soaking cars where wax/LSP safe cleaning is imperative.

Its high foaming properties will loosen road grime prior to washing. Directions of use.

Dilute Snow Storm Supreme 1part product to 10 parts water for a thick blanket foam. Dilute Snow Storm Supreme 1 part product to 25 parts water for a thinner foam.

Apply to vehicle using a snow foam lance, leaving to dwell for approximately 1-2 minutes Remove using a pressure washer.


Cherry Burst contains a powerful blend of detergents and special additives which rapidly lifts oils, grease and road grime from vehicle surfaces whilst leaving a long lasting streak free shine on bodyworks and windows.


Ideally use a pre-wash or snow foam before shampooing to remove and loosen dirt. Pour 25-30ml of Cherry Burst into an empty bucket with a grit guard and add water to generate foam.

Use more product as required to counteract dirtier vehicles and hard water.

Use a wash mitt to apply the diluted shampoo to the vehicle, ideally starting at the top of the vehicle.

Rinse off with clean water with a pressure washer or hose pipe, then dry with a microfibre drying towel.


Clear vision A powerful cleaning agent for rapid drying leaving a smear free finish on glass


Spray sparingly over the surface and spread with a soft cloth. Wipe off immediately with a soft clean cloth.


General purpose cleaner an excellent degreaser, suitable for cleaning painted surfaces, vinyl & plastics. Removes flies, traffic film, nicotine stains, oil stains and a superb manual upholstery and carpet cleaner.

Directions for use

Apply solution by low pressure spray, sponge or brush, leave to dwell, then rinse off. Do not allow to dry on any surface. Extra care must be taken in warmer temperatures. Always test on a small area prior to use.



Tyre Dressing 

Water Based, High Gloss & Silicone Free

A superior versatile tyre dressing formulated to restore a smooth original appearance to tyres and exterior trims. Tyre Dressing Supreme-may also be used on hoses and other rubber and plastic components.


Apply using a clean lint-free cloth or a brush to leave a thin wet film. If required apply a second coat for a deeper gloss finish. Wipe off any excess of product to avoid tyre dressing sling.


Dirty Wheels

Non-Acidic Alloy Wheel Cleaner

An alkaline based wheel cleaner which quickly breaks down dirt and accumulated brake dust on alloy and factory finished lacquered wheels. Provides excellent detergent and emulsification for soils contained in wheel grime.

Directions for use 

Spray or brush this product on to the wheels, and allow to soak for approximately 1-2 minutes. Agitate if necessary. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, ideally with a pressure washer. It may be necessary to repeat the application for stubborn stains.



Gleem Gorilla Car Cleaning Kit

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